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>>Leadership Through Trust and Collaboration<< by Jill Ratliff Audiobook release expected April 2020. Here is the link to the Amazon page:

Develop leaders who drive results.
You want to develop the best leaders, the kind who people want to follow, who know how to break through silos and get people to work well together. The truth is that one of the biggest obstacles to effective leadership is gaining trust and collaboration. It’s about finding the courage to build meaningful relationships. Leaders who can build trust and touch hearts will dominate markets.

>>Prepare to Come About<< by Christine Wallace Audiobook available on Amazon at

Wallace chronicles her wildly successful business that brought her accolades and awards, radio and TV interviews. However, as her professional life skyrockets, her family’s lives spiraled down. She unflinching shares tales of teenage children in crisis, family pressures and chaos that illuminate the struggles of many working families.

As the economic tides turn, her full-throttle lifestyle founders and uncontrollable events broadside her business causing a devastating professional aftershock that amplifies her personal heartaches. Wallace and her family struggle with a loss of control of everything in their lives. The fractured family makes an unconventional choice that pivots them all into unfamiliar waters. Their lifeline comes in the form of a tall ship named Zodiac and its enigmatic captain.

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